IT Consulting

Improve your IT infrastructure with expert guidance from a team of high-caliber consultants.

Investing in technology solutions should minimize issues in your IT network. However, if it creates more problems, then you may have a problem with the solutions you choose to implement. The best thing you could do is to consult from the IT experts and get a customized plan to work for you.

Netcom Solutions has been providing sound advisory services to South Florida businesses for over a decade. Our Virtual Chief Information Officers (CIOs) help you make the right technology decisions and gain independence from issues plaguing your system. When you partner with our expert consultants, you can relinquish your IT concerns and get on with business as usual.

We’ll proactively monitor every aspect of your business’s technology to prevent problems from cropping up in the first place.




Here’s how we provide a customized IT plan just for your company:

  • IT strategy design - We will address the weak links in your IT infrastructure and offer a customized IT strategy designed to solve the problems before they result in data loss or disruption. We only offer cost-effective IT solutions formulated from state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise.
  • Technology implementation - Our team works with trusted vendors to ensure that the installation and implementation of your IT strategy work according to plan. The strategic planning will keep everything in check to guarantee the longevity and growth of your business in the industry.
  • Ongoing management and support - We provide support long after the project is completed to ensure everything performs flawlessly.

At the time my CPA firm made contact with Netcom Solutions, we needed to rework our network, and we required excellent IT service. The initial project assigned required an entire evening to complete. I was very impressed with their professionalism. The entire staff of Netcom Solutions is very easy to work with. I feel as though they are part of my company. I would highly recommend them!

C.P.A. & Senior Partner Golomb, Schwartz & Cove, P.A.