A smart approach to cybersecurity investment

Cybersecurity is a threat to businesses across industries. Sometimes, organizations invest in security software without realizing the risks that come with it. Here are compelling reasons why identifying threats before buying cybersecurity products is paramount. Uncover threats and vulnerabilities Every business should run a risk assessment to evaluate its current cybersecurity infrastructure. Doing so is […]

Repurposing an outdated computer

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to replace your computer. But while it may not be as fast as when you first got it or as sleek as your new computer, your old desktop or laptop might still have a lot to offer. Below are a few ways you can repurpose an outdated machine. […]

AI is a boon for eCommerce

Once the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently on track to becoming a key part of modern businesses. According to experts, 2020 is the year that 85% of all customer interactions with a business will occur via machine learning programs. eCommerce businesses are among those that will benefit greatly from the use […]

Top 6 VoIP features SMBs should use

VoIP systems are a must in modern business, with its ability to not only improve workplace communication, but also enhance customer service, cut business costs, and improve employee productivity.

With Florida’s business phone calls growing increasingly digital (and landline connections on a consistent decline), it’s important to keep your company up to speed.

Ways virtual reality saves businesses time and money

Virtual reality (VR), the technology that immerses users in digitally created simulated experiences, is experiencing a surge in growth. There are now many more uses of VR than first realized. These include applications in academic research, engineering, design, the arts, and entertainment. It is also helping businesses save time and money. Find out how. Create […]

Office 365 hacking: What you need to know

With over 150 million active subscribers, Office 365 is, unsurprisingly, on top of hackers’ minds. And now, hackers are using a technique that doesn’t even require users to give up their credentials. Learn how they do it and get protected. A phishing scam that harvests users’ credentials The latest cyberattack on Microsoft Office 365 involves […]

Lessons learned from the biggest cyberattacks in 2019

Cybercrime has run rampant across the country, costing the economy $2 trillion in 2019 alone. Damages are projected to triple to a total of $6 trillion in damages by 2021, with small businesses being the largest targets.

Florida has ranked as one of the top state victims of cybercrime, second only to California with an accumulative $110.6 million in losses.

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