Ways virtual reality saves businesses time and money

Virtual reality (VR), the technology that immerses users in digitally created simulated experiences, is experiencing a surge in growth. There are now many more uses of VR than first realized. These include applications in academic research, engineering, design, the arts, and entertainment. It is also helping businesses save time and money. Find out how. Create […]

Office 365 hacking: What you need to know

With over 150 million active subscribers, Office 365 is, unsurprisingly, on top of hackers’ minds. And now, hackers are using a technique that doesn’t even require users to give up their credentials. Learn how they do it and get protected. A phishing scam that harvests users’ credentials The latest cyberattack on Microsoft Office 365 involves […]

Lessons learned from the biggest cyberattacks in 2019

Cybercrime has run rampant across the country, costing the economy $2 trillion in 2019 alone. Damages are projected to triple to a total of $6 trillion in damages by 2021, with small businesses being the largest targets.

Florida has ranked as one of the top state victims of cybercrime, second only to California with an accumulative $110.6 million in losses.

Guest Wi-Fi 101

People today expect Wi-Fi access when they’re visiting your office. However, setting up your Wi-Fi the wrong way can create a stressful experience for them. Additionally, this can also expose your confidential information to malicious hackers. So what’s the right way to do it? Never give guests access to your primary Wi-Fi Giving your guests […]

Off-site backups: Why does your business need them?

Off-site backups are a method of preserving data on servers outside of a company's primary location. Such backups can help speed up recovery procedures, saving money on downtime and lost productivity. Having these in place is a mandatory practice for any business, regardless of size, one that ensures a company has protected copies of critical files in the case of data corruption, hardware damage, or malware attacks.

Increase productivity with Office 365 and Surface

Microsoft recently showcased Surface, a line of touchscreen-based laptops and tablets that run on the latest version of Windows. These gadgets boast compact builds, sharp displays, and other top-of-the-line specifications. And the best part is, all of these devices can integrate seamlessly with Office 365 to help you achieve optimum productivity. Here’s what you can […]

An essential checklist for WordPress users

Wake up. Take a shower. Get dressed. These are just some of the numerous tasks we do every single day. They may not be fun, but they are essential to our daily routine. Managing a website is very much the same. By going through certain necessary steps, you can ensure the speed and security of […]

Bad 2019 security habits to abandon in 2020

With the new year fast approaching, you’ll want your business on top of its game, and that includes having strong, reliable measures in place for securing company data.

Florida currently places second among the top five states affected by cybercrime, just under California.

Identity and access management 101

Whether it be cloud, mobile, or on-premises, every technology you use stores confidential data that are accessed by your employees. So how do you guarantee the safety of said data from cyberthreats like identity theft, phishing attacks, and more? Identity and access management (IAM) is the answer, and here’s why. What is IAM? Identity and […]

Cybersecurity: How to defend against insider threats

In the cybersecurity world, an insider threat is an individual or business partner who uses company data inappropriately. Today’s companies must take proactive steps to prevent insider threats, which is why we put together some tips and tricks. #1 Educate You must teach your team to recognize personally identifiable information (PII) and understand the financial […]

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