Tech tips for increasing employee engagement

Employee engagement plays a key role in successful business. Without motivated, satisfied workers, the quality of projects, operations, and workplace culture will surely suffer.

Sadly, only 34% of US workers are actively engaged with their jobs, according to recent Gallup statistics.

Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi with ease

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Wi-Fi routers so you can access emails any time, collaborate instantaneously, and access programs and files seamlessly without your connection faltering. But when your Wi-Fi starts acting up, resist the temptation to smash your router. Instead, try these simple ways to troubleshoot common Wi-Fi problems. Range constraints Wi-Fi works […]

Hackers come in all shapes and sizes

Hackers are known by the general public as cybercriminals, especially with so much news about nude celebrity photos beings released to the cloud, millions of customer information being stolen across many industries, and government agencies paying the ransoms hackers demand so that the former can regain access and control of their systems. However, did you […]

5 Productivity hacks that don’t actually work

With a never-ending stream of so-called life hacks claiming to make us more productive, it seems counterintuitive that so many people are still stuck in the same bad habits. A reason for this is that a lot of the most pervasive productivity recommendations are just plain false.

Simple PC tricks to improve your productivity

Working in front of a computer has its pros and cons. There are many useful work applications that are available on your desktop or laptop. But there are also so many distractions on-screen vying for your attention that it’s easy for you to lose focus on important tasks. Here are a few tricks to avoid […]

Using Workplace Analytics to boost productivity

Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics uses data gathered from email, documents, calendar, and other Office 365 applications to present a clear picture of both employee and manager productivity. It’s a clear upgrade from MyAnalytics, which allowed employees to view just their own data. How does Workplace Analytics work? A paid add-on to Office 365 enterprise plans, Workplace […]

Should law firms migrate to the cloud? 4 Questions to help you decide

In a sector as information-heavy as law, finding better ways to manage huge amounts of paper documents and put together cases is critical for ensuring success in today’s market. But with clients demanding faster response and resolution times, and the average attorney’s time spent juggling between multiple complex cases, the last thing you want is to have to worry about IT problems.

Here’s how to speed up Google Chrome

Google made its foray into web browsers with Chrome in 2008. With its remarkable speed and ease, Chrome was welcomed by many users. However, over time, the browser becomes a bit sluggish, especially if you’ve installed extras such as extensions. Follow these easy steps to ramp up your Chrome browser’s speed. Clear your browsing data […]

Benefits of technology business reviews

Most small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t possess the resources to run and maintain their IT infrastructure, let alone assess whether it’s still driving value for the company. However, if you want to ensure everything is running smoothly, it’s important to conduct technology business reviews whenever possible. A technology business review reveals the strengths and […]

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