Data breach statistics in 2018 that SMBs should know

2018 was a terrible year for cybersecurity due to several high-profile data breaches. The avalanche of cyberattacks began with the discovery of Spectre and Meltdown, massive-scale vulnerabilities that affected all modern CPUs. Spectre and Meltdown are crucial vulnerabilities in CPU hardware that hackers can exploit regardless of the hardware’s operating system (OS).

Everything went downhill after this incident.

What manufacturers need for a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of technology into all areas of your business, resulting in massive changes in operations and services to clients. With this improvement, your company will consistently challenge the business’s status quo, rethink dated operating models, experiment with new innovations, and be more responsive to challenges and competition.

Cybersecurity for small- and medium-sized businesses

Has your organization been hit with a data breach or ransomware recently? This happens more often than you might think to businesses of all sizes. Given the frequency, complexity, and increasing number of threats, a multi-level, agile, and cutting-edge cybersecurity strategy is the only response that will protect businesses from massive losses. Fortunately, managed IT […]

Prolong laptop battery life with these tricks

It’s difficult to get any work done with your laptop notifying you that it’s running out of juice. And if you are not close to a power outlet, your laptop will soon be nothing more than a cold slab of metal and plastic. Here are some helpful tips to prolong your laptop battery’s life. Some […]

The cloud is more secure than you think

Even to this day, many people doubt the cloud’s security.. However, experts argue that it’s almost always better than that of local area networks (LANs). So whether you’re considering a cloud web server or internet-based productivity software, take a minute to learn why the cloud might just be your best option. Hands-on management Unless you […]

What leads to security gaps in your small business?

Business leaders are constantly worrying about the growing cyberthreat landscape. Their cyberdefense strategies may be inadequate to keep out all sorts of malware spreading like wildfire in virtually all industries.

According to Keeper Security, nearly 70% of small businesses experience cyberattacks.

ERP: the software your business needs

Managing a business is complicated enough: different departments like accounting, management, and sales each have its own software and systems. Don’t you just wish there was a less difficult and more efficient way to manage your enterprise? Wish no more, because enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can solve management problems for you. Read on to […]

How to create a Facebook ad that sells

Your products and services won’t sell, no matter how exceptional they are, if no one knows they exist. That’s where advertising comes into play. Yet for a small business with a limited budget, an ad placement in traditional media is costly. But thanks to Facebook’s online platform, advertising is now more affordable. Why advertise on […]

Cybersecurity checklist for law firms

As businesses enhance their technology, hackers keep devising innovative ways to infiltrate their infrastructure. There’s always an IT threat to worry about, from phishing emails to ransomware to viruses. And among the businesses that get attacked often are law firms because of their clientele’s personal and financial data.

Top security threats to financial services

Hackers go for the gold. This means that banking information makes for the number one target. These cyberattacks lead to the theft of large sums of money, undermine the economic stability of individuals and organizations, as well as destroy the reputation of banks and other financial institutions. When these incidents occur, the damage can be […]

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