Tech tips for increasing employee engagement

Tech tips for increasing employee engagement

Employee engagement plays a key role in successful business. Without motivated, satisfied workers, the quality of projects, operations, and workplace culture will surely suffer.

Sadly, only 34% of US workers are actively engaged with their jobs, according to recent Gallup statistics. And that’s one of the higher numbers they’ve recorded. The modern business can fortunately find quick, easy ways of boosting employee engagement. All it takes is embracing tech tools and practices.

Develop BYOD policies

Implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices has proven to significantly boost the productivity and satisfaction of workers, generating up to $350 of value annually per employee, with most shown to work up to an extra two hours per day.

Additionally, with millennials now comprising a huge portion of the US workforce — and being a leading generation in technological advancement — it pays to have them use devices they’re most comfortable and familiar with.

Allowing workers to bring their own devices to work grants them autonomy, letting them work when and how it suits them best. This leads to greater performance, and thus, better engagement.

Encourage collaboration

A workplace of shared ideas and camaraderie inevitably results in stronger connections between employees. By fostering a workplace of trust, respect, and teamwork, you leverage multiple talents to achieve greater outcomes and ensure each member feels valued in their contribution.

Online project and organization management tools enhance worker collaboration, with platforms such as G Suite and Office 365 allowing for convenient file sharing and shared tasks. Companies can also make use of exclusive portals where employees can discuss and share new ideas and subject matters.

Offer flexible training options

Traditionally, employee training would take place in a designated room with hired instructors. Workers are then required to show up at a specified time and are required to stay until the training period is over.

Cloud and mobile technology means employers can offer their training materials online, allowing employees to learn at their own pace and schedule. This way, information isn’t skimmed or simply sat through. Workers can absorb their training at a time and place that suits them best. This alleviates the unnecessary costs of training facilities and instructors, and fosters an enthusiastic learning environment that boosts workplace engagement.

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Gamify the workplace

Gamifying objectives and projects can also spark further motivation in the workplace. Studies show that gamifying elements in training boost productivity and satisfaction among workers, though is still a lacking practice among many companies. In fact, workers feel greater drive and motivation with gamified training than those who stick to traditional working frameworks.

Gamification boosts friendly competition among employees, increasing participation rates. This allows teams to deliver results, achieve goals, and carry out business strategies, while keeping tasks fun and compelling. By encouraging this dynamic culture, workers are likely to feel more engrossed and satisfied in the work they do.

Introduce employee recognition tools

Finally, it’s important to give credit where it’s due. According to recent reports, most millennial workers seek workplace recognition for their accomplishments, resulting in greater loyalty, motivation, and personal fulfillment. Implementing recognition tools can thus cater to these needs, helping you retain your top talents for the long term.

Peer-to-peer recognition apps are a popular choice, allowing your workers to not only interact with one another during projects, but cheer on and motivate one another for achievements made. This relieves senior management of the pressure to continuously overlook employee progress and builds a sustainable support system among employees in your workplace.

Digital tools and services not only boost workplace efficiency, but participation and job satisfaction to boot. Netcom Solutions offers South Florida businesses with comprehensive technology solutions for improving your IT strategy and minimizing issues in your infrastructure and network. Our experts pinpoint any weak links and potential risks to address while providing high-grade technologies to enhance operations. Build employee engagement through an efficient IT system, and enquire with us today.

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