7 Simple tips to improve productivity in the workplace

7 Simple tips to improve productivity in the workplace

Employee productivity is the lifeblood of any organization. If things are going well, then you rarely need to think about it, but if it’s not, it won’t be long before your operations fall flat on its face and customer service takes a hit.

The key to better productivity is employee engagement, yet only a third of the US workforce is engaged with their jobs, according to one study. To avoid becoming a statistic, you need to empower your team with the right tools and a positive culture change.

#1. Stop the application bloat

There’s a whole market for productivity apps, and a lot of businesses are using dozens of them. The only problem is that these apps are usually a complete waste of time, because you can’t boost productivity without changing your work habits. In fact, a lot of people work better when they’re only using a few productivity apps. Working with over 10 apps every day is simply too much for the average person, and it can quickly lead to convoluted and time-consuming processes. The only way to avoid this is to determine the apps that are essential for work and uninstall extra programs that are not a core part of your operations.

#2. Let employees use their own devices

Some people prefer using PCs, while many Mac users wouldn’t ever go near them. Similarly, some prefer working on a small screen to get a head start on the day’s work while on the commute. Trying to force employees to familiarize themselves with a new system only consumes training resources and puts up barriers to productivity. People typically work better when they’re using their own devices, so be sure to implement a bring your own device policy.

#3. Avoid micromanaging to encourage autonomy

No one likes being micromanaged, and having someone breathing over your shoulder every hour of every working day is nothing but a distraction and an annoyance. To encourage better productivity and a higher standard of work, business leaders should encourage autonomy and creativity by giving employees ownership and accountability over their actions. Everyone has their own way of working, and trying to get them to do something else will only backfire.

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#4. Eliminate useless meetings

Although they might have the best intentions, managers sometimes end up hurting productivity by holding too many in-person meetings. But with the workforce becoming increasingly mobile, that’s just not the way to do things, unless of course your only goal is to have everyone sitting around a table for hours. Meetings are still essential in some cases, but keep them to a minimum and ensure they’re relevant to everyone participating.

#5. Leverage cloud technologies

Cloud computing is the number one reason behind the unprecedented growth of workforce mobility. Instead of just relying on email, employees can now collaborate over Slack, Skype for Business, and dozens of other platforms. They can also co-author documents online using productivity suites like Office 365 and Google Docs. You can even have complete desktop experiences delivered over the web through cloud virtualization technologies.

#6. Reward and recognize achievement

No one is going to be motivated to put in their best work if they feel they’re not going to be recognized for it. Recognition and appreciation are incredible ways to increase morale and productivity. Humans are an inherently competitive species, which is why business leaders should consider using gamification tactics as a way to increase engagement and reward achievement.

#7. Measure productivity with data analytics

Today’s employees depend more on digital technologies than ever before. And since every digital activity generates data, you have everything you need to quantify productivity across your business. While productivity can be notoriously hard to measure, leaders are starting to appreciate the benefits of productivity analytics tools for tracking hours and projects worked on and the level of quality delivered.

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