5 Ways modern technology can help lawyers

5 Ways modern technology can help lawyers

The legal sector is currently facing a technology revolution as disruptive new solutions bring risk and opportunity in equal measure. In a sector that has often been slow to innovate, lawyers are now facing major challenges when it comes to digital transformation. On one hand, the right approach can enable more efficient communications, improve business processes, and reduce costs. Choose the wrong solutions, however, and the opposite occurs, particularly in a sector that’s built on trust and confidentiality. Here are five ways the right technology choices can help your practice grow:

#1. Automated discovery

Law firms have always been extremely reliant on documents, which often end up filling row upon row of filing cabinets. Today, most documents are digital, and even those which aren’t can now be digitized using data capture and optical character recognition technology. Aside from the fact that digital documents are far more resilient than physical records, the digitization of legal documentation also aids in discovery. To reduce costs and boost efficiency, lawyers need a way to search quickly through vast repositories of case files and related data so they can put cases together in less time. Automated eDiscovery solutions feature advanced analytics and eliminate irrelevant documents to greatly improve case resolution times.

#2. Case management

Law firms build their entire reputations on trust, which is hardly surprising given the sensitive nature of the information they’re routinely entrusted with. However, it’s also notoriously difficult to keep track of huge document repositories across an increasingly wide range of storage platforms.
Again, technology has the answer in the form of document and case management solutions tailored specifically to the needs of law firms. Case management software automates many routine processes, such as scheduling consultations, organizing contact lists, entering billing information, and managing documents. By managing everything in a secure and centralized database, lawyers can also maintain greater control over confidentiality.

#3. Disaster recovery

In a sector that’s so heavily dependent on the availability and integrity of information, lawyers cannot afford to leave anything up to chance. Paper documents are susceptible to things like loss due to fires and natural disasters, while digital data is a top target for criminals seeking to steal sensitive information. If sensitive documents are destroyed or fall into the wrong hands, your whole business will suffer. Online disaster recovery services provide a proactive approach by keeping your data in multiple highly fortified digital storage facilities. Combined with full end-to-end encryption, your business will be far more resilient in the face of cyberthreats.

#4. Workforce mobility

It’s not uncommon for lawyers to end up working overtime as they try to put cases together and meet strict deadlines. However, while being stuck in the office eight hours per day is bad enough, excessive overtime can quickly become a major burden. Most people perform better when they’re working in their own environments, while others like to get a head start on the day’s work during the daily commute. If you use cloud-based document and case management systems, the office no longer has to be the only base of operations. Employees have the freedom to work anywhere they want, provided there’s a fast and secure internet connection.

#5. Change adaptability

Disruptive new technologies are constantly changing consumer and business habits alike. To keep up with the times, law firms must innovate fast and scale seamlessly with demand. No longer can they afford to be stuck with restrictive and outdated computing solutions when more agile startups present a constant competitive threat. To become more adaptable to change, innovative law firms are now turning to scalable, outsourced cloud technologies that offer on-demand access and greater visibility into costs. That way, firms don’t need to worry about costly upgrades and unscheduled downtime.

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