Cybersecurity checklist for law firms

Cybersecurity checklist for law firms

As businesses enhance their technology, hackers keep devising innovative ways to infiltrate their infrastructure. There’s always an IT threat to worry about, from phishing emails to ransomware to viruses. And among the businesses that get attacked often are law firms because of their clientele’s personal and financial data.

While it’s recommended that you entrust your cybersecurity to professionals, there are some things you can do to improve your security even more and mitigate security threats.

    ☐ Have multiple layers of data protection

    Relying on passwords simply isn’t enough to lock down your important client files. You need multiple layers of safety measures. First, have a multifactor authentication (MFA) solution that will keep your clients’ information more secure. Then you need to encrypt your files and keep them in reliable storage.

    All these steps may seem a little extreme, but when your client data and firm’s integrity are on the line, there’s just no way around it. You can hire a reputable managed services provider (MSP) to give your data systems a major overhaul.

    ☐ Assess your company’s breach readiness

    There’s no substitute for a team that’s well-versed in cyberthreats. You must train your staff regularly as part of your annual customer premises equipment (CPE) curriculum to protect client data. Your employees should be familiar with the most common IT threats, so they can understand the cybersecurity measures more.

    In addition, you can conduct readiness drills to test your security systems and your employees’ reaction to a cyberthreat. You can also simulate cyberattacks within your company and assess how you can improve your defenses against them.

    ☐ Have a scheduled operating system and antivirus updates

    Most software come with automatic updates to prevent hackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities in your applications and programs. But installing these updates can take up too much of your time and interfere with your operations.

    To avoid this, schedule your security updates outside of business hours. This way, you can reduce the inadvertent problems that come with updates and interruptions to your employees’ productivity.

    ☐ Manage your extended enterprises

    Aside from improving your firm’s cybersecurity, your leaders must also pay special attention to your organization’s extended enterprise and the security flaws your partners could pose. Deloitte recently found out that a majority of CEOs fail to hold their extended enterprise to the same risk standards as their own organizations and see IT providers as the third parties that pose the greatest threat.

    These external vendors are often beyond your management’s direct control, which is why strengthening your relationship with them and involving them in cybersecurity training is a must.

    ☐ Build a partnership with the right MSP

    Securing your infrastructure is not a walk in the park, but you don’t have to do it alone. Forging a partnership with an MSP that cares about your business will make sure that you have the expertise and manpower you need to prevent cyberattacks.

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