How to get the most out of a managed services provider

How to get the most out of a managed services provider

Trusting a managed services provider (MSP) with a subset of your IT services can be a boon for your company. They can free up internal IT staff to focus more on strategic projects, and they can provide services that ensure your business’s continuity in the event of a disaster.

This is why finding a reliable MSP and building a strong partnership with them are important. Here are some strategies you can use to get the most out of your MSP.

#1 Resist the urge to bargain shop

When choosing an MSP, don’t settle for the lowest bidder, because they might turn out to be unable to deliver solutions that fit your business needs.

Some MSPs offer one-size-fits-all solutions to IT issues. They’re the ones that bombard you with technical terms until you’re confused and ready to accept whatever services they offer. Don’t fall for these MSPs. Look for one that understands your business and talks about IT in plain English. You want a partner who is as genuinely concerned about business outcomes as you are.

#2 Talk less about technology and more about business

The right MSP will see cyberthreats as business risks and will tackle IT issues while keeping your best interests in mind. For instance, they won’t ask you to upgrade your perfectly working hardware unnecessarily just to “decrease processing time.”

Be cautious if an MSP offers you a generic cookie-cutter service level agreement (SLA). Both you and the service provider must be involved in drafting the contract that’s specific to your business and needs.

#3 Ask for advanced services or the services that they offer to other clients

Almost all MSPs offer cloud solutions, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and other IT services that businesses need, but most of them do not specialize in managing network and basic software infrastructures. What makes an MSP unique is their willingness to offer advanced services like application management, AI services, and business process outsourcing.

Asking for these specialized services lets you get the most out of your MSP. It also sets you apart from your competition because of your access to cutting-edge technology.

#4 Treat them as a partner, not a replacement for your in-house IT team

Despite having their own IT department, organizations continue to turn to MSPs to handle some of their IT needs, such as email hosting, customer relationship management (CRM), applications, storage, backup, and recovery. And for many companies, it’s essential for their own IT department to create a collaborative relationship with their MSP.

Both of these entities have their own goals and functions, so if your company already has an in-house IT team, it’s important that you encourage them to coordinate with your MSP.

#5 Communicate more effectively with your MSP

You can invite your MSP to join company meetings so they’ll know how to address issues and to fulfill your company’s needs. Update them on business strategies and decisions that are critical to your company.

Regularly scheduled meetings are a must if you want to maintain an effective working relationship with your IT consultants. You need to give inputs so they can handle management tasks that align with your needs. Also, get feedback from employees regularly. Verify that the employee Security Awareness Training provided by your MSP is helping your company reduce human error that can lead to security breaches or data loss.

Choosing the right MSP for your business can be daunting. Contact Netcom Solutions to learn more about the services you can get and how an MSP can improve your business. We have been helping small- and medium-sized businesses around the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas for almost 14 years. If you want efficiency, we’ve got you covered. Call us today.