Technology tips to make nonprofits more efficient

Technology tips to make nonprofits more efficient

IT has benefited every industry, including nonprofit organizations. Today, more nonprofit organizations are making the most out of enterprise technology for fundraising activities.

During a 24-hour online giving campaign on November 10, 2018, Miami Foundation’s donors invested $11.5 million into 758 local nonprofits participating in Give Miami Day 2018. Miami Foundation is an organization for people with the passion to enhance the quality of life of everyone who calls Miami home. They partner with individuals, families, and corporations and manage their philanthropic funds.

Apart from massive contributions from donors, optimized technologies enabled the nonprofit to process donations and run operations efficiently. If you manage a nonprofit, here are some tips on using IT to improve your fundraising game.

Centralize your data

Keeping your data in one place gives you better visibility into your entire operations. You can use constituent relationship management (CRM) software for this purpose. It’s essentially several tools rolled into one software package, including a donor database management tool that allows you to track donor records, a campaign management tool for accepting donations online and starting fundraising events, and a multichannel marketing tool that enables you to promote fundraising activities via email, direct mail, and social media.

Engage with donors on the right channels

People use more communication platforms than ever before, so it’s important to interact with them on the right ones. It’s difficult to engage with potential donors when they’re inundated with emails and messages on a daily basis. Some people don’t even check their emails regularly so your newsletter will probably just get lost in the piles of emails they receive. To be successful, you must learn which social media platform or means of communication your donors prefer and use it to your advantage.

Interested parties will want updates from your organization. They want to be notified about an event. They want to help and donate, but they’ll only do it when you make it convenient for them. For instance, a generic email from you might get lost in your donor’s inbox, but if your donor is active on social media and you tweeted at him or her, then you’re already setting yourself up for success.

Utilize different donation channels

The variety of software applications that serve as donation channels makes it easier for people to give contributions. Nonprofits can use online donation systems, which are very convenient for recurring contributions.

Donations via mobile phones and tablets are also becoming more common due to options like text-to-give and bidding apps for silent auctions. Peer-to-peer fundraising pages (P2P) even allows donors to set up their own online fundraising efforts or collect donations on your behalf. This will prove helpful if you want to reach more people and efficiently collect donations.

Be transparent with donors

Your charitable organization needs to be fiscally transparent by generating reports and audits and making these available to your supporters. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems allow nonprofits to consolidate all financial transactions and donations, and create comprehensive reports in seconds. This makes it easy to prove that your organization is adhering to best practices, so you enjoy a good reputation among your donors.

Hire an MSP

Using advanced technology systems may take a toll on your IT team, which is why you should hire an MSP like Netcom Solutions to do the work for you. Our experts help charitable organizations in Miramar, Coral Gables, and Miami make the most out of their IT solution for a more effective fundraising. We also keep donation channels safe and secure systems from cyberthreats.

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