5 Ways your business can save money by going virtual

5 Ways your business can save money by going virtual

Virtualization has been commonplace among innovative businesses for the past years. They are now virtualizing their servers for reduced operating and hardware expenses, easier maintenance, improved security, and better efficiency. In fact, some experts believe that as much as 50% of the US workforce will be telecommuting by 2010.

With virtualization, you can save the applications and operating systems (OS) of each of your devices into single files, called images, and save them in a secure and well-maintained virtual server. With proper assistance and deployment, this technology can save you thousands of dollars, and here’s why.

#1 Fewer hardware and floor space

A typical server only uses 5–15% of its computing capacity, so most of its processing power goes to waste. Since several virtual machines can be saved in one server through virtualization, you can get more things done with less hardware, and utilization rates can increase to around 70–80%.

Aside from servers, you can also cut other hardware costs such as hard disk, CPU, memory, power supplies, network cards, and switch ports. And less hardware means less facility space necessary. Servers are very expensive, and eliminating them from the picture will save your company a lot of money. This will also allow you to operate no matter how small your office or floor area is.

#2 Less energy

A smaller office also means a smaller area to heat and cool, so your utility bills will be reduced. And since servers and other machines require energy to run and keep cool, virtualization will allow you to cut the cost of the power needed to run such devices. In the end, you'll drastically reduce your energy bill and improve your carbon footprint. This is why virtualization is called a"green" technology.

#3 Reduced IT staffing costs

Virtualization can reduce ongoing system administration and maintenance time spent by your IT staff. Having servers from multiple vendors requires expertise and ongoing training in each vendor’s OS, and this costs a lot of money. By standardizing your OS, you can reduce labor costs for specialized OS knowledge.

#4 Better maintenance, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery

Having fewer devices allows for easier and cheaper maintenance because fixing a single server requires less effort, time, and money. Virtualization centralizes the operation of several pieces of hardware, making their tasks easier to manage. This means fewer machines, fewer IT staff, and rapid response to tech emergencies.

Your business will also be on top of the latest developments because IT support can focus more on the handful of servers you have. They can install upgrades and patches more easily, and downtime will be reduced, which allows for more cost savings.

#5 Increased application availability

Virtualization helps prevent business downtime because a newer and simpler server environment increases performance and management control. It allows each server to be easily and regularly backed up and replicated as a complete virtualized image onto a separate disk-based storage device. If an application or server fails, your backup server can be easily accessible on other devices, provided that you have an internet connection.

Going virtual is not an easy task, but hiring the best managed services provider (MSP) to help you will save you a lot of trouble. Netcom Solutions has been helping companies in Miramar, Coral Gables, and Miami to virtualize their servers for over 10 years. If you want to save tons of money by going virtual, contact us now!