How can virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) help your business

How can virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) help your business

For modern businesses, getting ahead of the competition means having the latest technology. It will be much easier to manage your business and meet clients’ demands if you have cutting-edge tools and software.

In a 2017 study, Deloitte found that an average business spends 3.28% of their revenue on IT. Larger enterprises can easily afford the expensive hardware required for building their own IT infrastructure, but small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited resources may opt for a more cost-effective way: virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It is a cloud-based technology wherein software applications are hosted in a powerful remote central server instead of a physical desktop.

VDI allows your SMB to be more efficient without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

#1 Improve your IT infrastructure management

With VDI, entire virtual desktop computers are stored and managed in single files called images in a centralized server. These files can be accessed on multiple devices regardless of the operating system and hardware compatibility. For instance, a Microsoft OS can be accessed using a Mac laptop or a smartphone as if it was on the device itself.

It’s also easier to move the images around or duplicate them, just like a regular file. Together with a cloud-system storage, VDI allows infinite scalability. It maximizes available hardware resources by allowing them to function as multiple computers.

#2 Increase flexibility and mobility among your employees

Since all computing workloads are already handled by a remote server, the devices used by your employees will perform only minimal processing by themselves. Also, many VDI systems are already mobile-optimized by now, so employees can take their virtual workspace on the go using laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

This comes in handy when onboarding several new employees for your growing business. Instead of buying a new workstation every time a new employee joins your company, all you need to do is set up a virtual desktop in a matter of minutes. You just have to create a new image, or copy an existing one, and give the new user access credentials. This way, they can access their virtual workspace from several devices anywhere.

#3 Revamp your desktop security

One school of thought rightfully claims that the bring your own device (BYOD) policy and remote working systems can put your business technology at risk. For example, improperly trained employees can click on phishing links. According to an FBI investigation from 2013–2016, American businesses lost $1.6 billion dollars in three years — that’s roughly half a billion dollars per year.

With VDI, all your files and data in the powerful server are protected from cyberattacks and malware. IT administrators have full visibility and control over the access of images. If an employee endpoint gets infected, their image will be fully isolated and encrypted to contain the damage and prevent the malware from spreading.

#4 Simplify your disaster recovery

Disaster recovery has never been easier through VDI. Since your desktop works like a single file, it’s much easier to back up the images and store several copies. You can back up every virtual desktop onto a cloud storage system and have redundant systems that automatically update files in real-time. You’ll have several copies to choose from when you want to retrieve a file, or even an entire image, during disaster recovery.

#5 Cut down your physical and operational costs

If implemented properly, VDI will cut down your physical and operational costs like no other IT system. According to Firmology, virtualization increases server utilization from 5–15% to 80%, which means you’ll need to buy fewer servers. It spends up to 80% less on energy and it has 20–30% lower per-application costs.

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