5 Technology Solutions That Manufacturing Firms Should Take Advantage Of

5 Technology Solutions That Manufacturing Firms Should Take Advantage Of

Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, boats, or communications hardware, the manufacturing sector in Florida is booming. While that’s great news for the industry, it also puts increasing pressure on manufacturers to adopt innovative technology that will help them keep up with rising demand. That being said, most businesses fail to achieve their digital transformation goals, which is often down to the inability to choose solutions that align with the needs of corporate processes. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the technology solutions that your firm should be taking advantage of:

#1. Managed IT Services

Attempting to build and maintain an in-house computing infrastructure requires a well-funded IT department and the expertise required to operate it. For smaller manufacturers, this approach is both impractical and prohibitively expensive.

Managed service providers (MSPs) give you the opportunity to outsource everything to the experts, from systems implementation to maintenance and upgrades. A great MSP isn’t just an IT vendor either — it’s a dependable partner with a vested interest in aligning technology with your goals.

#2. Enterprise Resource Planning

A common problem for manufacturing firms is the inability to efficiently communicate, collaborate, and share information between departments and partners like suppliers and retailers. Oftentimes, employees end up spending hours manually tracking things like inventories, product manufacturing processes, and orders, simply because there’s no system in place that gives all relevant parties access to the same data.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) brings everything together under one platform, thereby allowing you to cut down on human resources expenses, boost productivity, and make more efficient use of the technology and data available to you.

#3. Cloud-Hosted Business Continuity

When you have big clients relying on your organization to fulfill its orders and satisfy lofty demands, you can’t afford to let something as simple as a hardware failure or an attempted data breach get in your way. This is why it’s necessary to take every possible measure to proactively guard against threats and always prepare for the worst-case scenario.

The cloud comes with a degree of disaster recovery built in, since it allows you to host your mission-critical apps and data off-site, preferably with redundant systems in place located elsewhere. With a fully cloud-enabled business continuity strategy, there’ll be almost nothing that can get in the way of your back-office workflows.

#4. Customer Relationship Management

There are more ways for people to keep in touch with one another, and that means the information you have on your customers comes from a huge variety of different sources. There’s social media, online review sites, instant messengers, and emails, to name a few. The challenge is these sources of data are becoming increasingly disparate.

CRM brings every piece of information you have about customers under one hood to maximize efficiency, reduce the need for manual data entry, and ensure that all data is consistent and up to date throughout the organization. This, in turn, helps workers serve customers better with tailored experiences based on the records in your CRM.

#5. Data Analytics

Every digital activity generates data. In fact, the amount of data generated every day now runs into multiple exabytes, hence the popular industry buzzword ‘Big Data’. A common problem among modern businesses is that they don’t have any practical way of making sense of the vast amount of data available to them, despite it being their most valuable asset.

AI-driven data analytics is now a critical enabler of more efficient business processes like demand planning and forecasting. By drawing information from different sources, the right analytics platform can help predict, in real-time, particular outcomes to help you reduce unnecessary stockpiling and maximize your production efficiency.

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